7 Invaluable Tips to Help You Get the Absolute Best Deal on Used ATVs

When you are setting out to buy used ATVs you must know that there is a good chance that it has been ridden hard from time to time. Hey! That’s no problem as long as maintenance on it has been kept up. The problem is though that with a good washing it can be hard for the novice to tell the difference between an ATV that’s going to be a dream to own and one that just looking for a place to break down.

1. Take friend with you, so the two of you can lift it up and inspect the underside. Check for rust and damage and also make a point of looking at the shock points. Check the frame carefully for any cracks.

2. Check the tires for the type of wear that would be indicators of abuse. Are there any plugs and if so, how many?

3. Lift each end of the unit off the ground so you can jiggle and shove each tire to see if the bearings are worn. Slight give is to be expected but extensive “movability” is not a good thing.

4. Remove the seat and take a good look at the air intake box. If it has dirt and or water in it, that would be a good indicator that the used ATV has been abused and or poorly maintained.

5. Inspect the chain and tie rods to see if they are worn or bent.

6. Take some time to look the entire body over carefully for damage. If you see any new paint on used ATVs then look extra carefully to see what it is that the paint is covering up.

7. Lastly, turn the lights on and off and take a good look at the wiring to see to it that it is all intact and secured. Look carefully to see if it has any flimsy repairs and or electrical tape “wrappings”.

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