Comparing Gasoline Vs Propane – Advantages on Cost, Efficiency, Power and Mileage

Want to know the results if we are to compare gasoline vs. propane? The results might surprise you, check it out. Currently, we are experiencing global oil crisis. It is now time for us to consider comparing gasoline versus propane to help us overcome this problem we are all faced with today. I will give you three reasons as to why it is a good thing to shift from gasoline to propane consumption.

1. In terms of cost/price, propane is indubitably less expensive compared to gasoline.

2. Propane lets you travel longer distance without the hassle of refueling. It is not a good idea to have a dual-fuel conversion as it is entirely inefficient because of the different octane levels of gas and propane.

3. Propane presents longer range and needs less space for fuel storage tanks. It has a lower energy content compared to gas so more fuel is required to go the same distance.

If you are dreaming of having significant savings cost, here is the best thing you should do now: Compare Gasoline vs. Propane and you know, your dream has finally come true. Switch to being wise.

There have been many criticisms about using Liquid Propane for transportation. No one I know really seems to know much about it. I’ve taken some basic chemistry concepts and applied them to this nonsense to come to the bottom of this once and for all. Basically, propane has many advantages over gasoline. It’s cheaper, better for your engine, and most importantly it is better for the environment. However in the country of Panama, some people gets criticized lot with the use of propane rather than gasoline. Panama’s government is now taking action over this issue hoping for a peaceful and great change towards the positive direction

In summary, considering all this, the environmental problem at hand, the best stake is to push for reform of the automotive industry, while simultaneously changing the consumer mentality that “bigger is better,” and sway them into buying smaller more efficient cars. The decision now lies in your hand, choose and decide on the most appropriate mode. Consider a lot of factors before you finalize your decision like your needs, lifestyle, money, satisfaction. In the meantime, you are now aware of the comparisons of gasoline vs. propane.

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