The Thrill of ATV Racing

I can smell it now, the oh so sweet smell of high octane race fuel. The sound of chest pounding four stroke engines rumbles through the pits. The excitement of the racers is showcased on the track as they battle for the win. Sailing 30ft in the air over massive man made dirt jumps. Busting berms and block passing for the win. ATV motocross is one of the most rising motor sports of our time.

This sport is beginning to become more popular than dirt bike racing. There are many series to choose from when it comes to racing motocross. Classes range from quads as small as 50cc’s all the way up to the open class where engines can be 650cc’s. The most popular engine size being 450cc’s. This is the engine size permitted in the pro class and is where almost all riders strive to be in.

There are many different types of man made obstacles on a motocross track. These include massive doubles, triples, tabletops and whoops. The tracks can get extremely rough during the course of the day. This is caused by breaking bumps and acceleration bumps from the riders going in and out of the corners. The quads used in the pro class are heavily modified with aftermarket suspension and engine components to handle the rough conditions of a motocross track. Custom Axis, Elka and Fox are among the top choices in shock absorbers for the pro class. This shock has sophisticated valving that allows it to soak up the biggest bumps on the track and still be able to absorb the impact of casing out a double jump. The quads are also widened to 50 inches to prevent tipping in high speed cornering.

If you are looking for a more smoother racing experience then you need to check out extreme dirt track racing. This type of racing is done on a hard packed flat dirt track similar to sprint car racing.

The racers use modified quads and focus more getting through the turns and down the straights as fast as possible. They can reach speeds of 70 mph+ depending on track conditions. The same engine sizes are used in this form of racing as in motocross racing. The classes are also very similar but they can be separated depending on what type of tires you are running. American racer and Hoosier tires are one of the most popular choices. These tires have many grooves cut into them allowing the tread to flex giving the rider much more traction on the hard pack surface than a traditional knobby tire found on most sport quads. Front anit-sway bars are also a very popular modification for this type of racing. This mechanism is used to synchronize the front tires so that the quad handles much more precisely. This allows the racer to go much more faster around the the track.

Both types of racing are very enjoyable to watch and race in. Some racers prefer to stick to one of the other while some do both. In the earliest days of the GNC riders would race in both flat track and motocross and there would be one crowned champion. In the early 2000’s the series were split due to more rider’s joining the series and it made each event more competitive as there would be dedicated rider’s in each series.

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