3 Simple Tips on How to Clean Your Car

Cleaning the Windscreen Wipers

This is something many of us leave far too late, letting all kinds of dirt and grime build up until our windscreen wipers put more dirt on than take off.

But it is actually a simple task to get these ultra-clean in no time.

All you do is get some white vinegar, put some on a cloth or high grade kitchen towel (not the cheap stuff or it will just fall apart) then wipe the rubber part of the wiper a couple of times.

You will be amazed how much rubbish comes off only after a couple of wipes.

Use a Water Blaster

I think every man should own one of these, just for the fun of using them. But seriously they are perfect for getting the initial thick layer of grime of the car.

It is especially effective at cleaning in those hard to reach places such as the wheels.

If you use a high powered water blaster then be careful not to damage the paint work as some of these blasters can literally take the paint off. Most of the blasters will have a pressure control so it’s a good idea to start on low power and work your way up.

Some of the better water blasters will have an attachment specifically made for washing cars. The one I have is a rotating soft brush where the water comes through the bristles.

Plus you can mix in soap while you’re using the blaster which I find very effective. One word of warning though, the soap generally takes time to start to work. So if you find you can’t see any soap bubbles, do not keep pressing the soap button or you may find you have way too much soap.

All you need to do is be patient for a while and it should start to soap up fine.

Tips for Polishing

You probably know the basics of polishing. You gently apply the polish in straight lines then slowly take the polish off with a soft polishing rag.

What you need is two rags; the first one only use to apply the polish and the second only for taking it off and making the shine.

Also, the most important part of getting a great shine is how much pressure you use. There is no hard and fast rule but just try to experiment with different pressures and see which ones work for you. Never apply a very heavy pressure though as it will usually give bad results.

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