Oil Change Coupons Could Mean Even Bigger Savings

If you are coming up on time for replacing your vehicle’s lubrication then you should consider making the switch from traditional petroleum-based motor lubricant to a modern synthetic method. Changing the lubricant that is put in your vehicle during maintenance could mean big savings over time, the more expensive initial cost of the synthetic version will be negated after a few garage visits that you don’t need to have done.

If you are the type of person who enjoys and takes pride in their ability to complete tasks like this themselves then you should look for manufacturer oil change coupons and use them to upgrade to synthetic. If you prefer to have a professional team complete that work for you then there are many national and local businesses that supply oil change coupons to the public through various mediums.

There are many benefits you will experience by making the switch to synthetic lubricant, if you live in a geographic area that experiences extreme temperatures in the winter, synthetic lubricant does not react to cold in the same way traditional lubricants will. With synthetic, it will not change it’s viscosity during these extreme temperatures and will start smoothly and protect your engine fully even on the coldest mornings. Another benefit is clearly the extended useful life over traditional petroleum based lubricants. Synthetic materials have been shown to outlast traditional lubricants by as much as four times, meaning that you will need to replace your lubricant a lot less frequently with this alternative to the traditional material.

Although many locations will still recommend a lubricant replacement every three thousand miles or three months, most modern vehicles do not require a lubricant change that often at all. Check your car or truck’s owners manual to find what the recommended mileage between replacement is. In many cases this mileage is still conservative and not necessarily the maximum time between replacement. The most efficient way to know if lubricant needs to be changed is to check it yourself, simply pop the hood and check the dipstick. You will be able to ascertain the level and how clean the material is. Many people think that traditional motor lubricant is a dark black in color, this isn’t the case with motor lubricant, it should be a rich amber and be clear of dirt and particles. If you notice that your engine oil is dark or has large particles of dirt of sludge in it then it is definitely time for replacement.

Another benefit of using your oil change coupons for a switch to synthetic is that it resists the type of sludging that can degrade performance and increase the strain and wear on your engine parts. Consider the options available and make the decision based on what is best for you and your vehicle.

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