15 Important Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Used Car

If you are planning buy used or second hand cars you can reduce you expenditure on the vehicle. But if you do not consider some important things then instead of reducing your budget you will have to pay more. There are various risks involved in buying used car. So you should do data check before buying a used car. There are many things that you should keep in mind while buying used cars. But some of them are very important. Here I am providing list of top 15 important things that you should consider while buying a used car:

  1. If a finance agreement is recorded or not. You have to check it before buying a used car.
  2. You have check out whether the vehicle has been written off by insurance companies.
  3. You should check whether the vehicle has been recorded as stolen.
  4. You have to check out the full description which includes the make, model, color, date of first registration, engine size and number, transmission and number of gears, body style, and year of manufacture.
  5. If a vehicle is being tracked by a third party and is at risk of fraud or theft.
  6. You also have to check out the color change in the vehicle.
  7. You also have to see whether it has had any registration plate changes.
  8. If it has been used and imported from outside the EU.
  9. Whether the vehicle has been exported or not.
  10. Whether the DVLA have it recorded as Scrapped.
  11. You also have to look out the mileage information of the vehicle.
  12. You also have to check out the CO2 Emissions
  13. Vehicle excise duty band and cost of 12 months tax
  14. You also have to see the confirmation of the VIN before you buy it.
  15. How many keepers the car has had prior to the current keeper.

Hence we can say that if you are buying used car then you have to keep these points in mind and then buy the best vehicle. Today there are number of service providers who provide these services. In the UK there are many providers like Auto Check, HPI Check, AA, My Car and Rac. You can select any of them according to your budget and needs. You can find comparative analysis of these providers and select the best one. You can find the comparative analysis at Data Car Check. In this way you will be able to minimize you expenses.