How to Sell Your Vehicle at Auction

Online auction sites are becoming more and more popular (eBay in particular). With that in mind I have created a list of tips for sellers to help you attract the bidders you need to make the sale you want.

Always post a picture. In fact post as many high quality pictures as possible. The problem with buying online is that you can’t see or hold the product which makes people feel nervous about bidding at auctions (especially if it is a big purchase e.g. cars). The more information you can give to someone about the product the better as they will know what to expect. This not only helps the bidder but could save you any potential hassle from the buyer if they were expecting the product to be different to what it is.

Prepare for international buyers. Some brands use different names in different countries for example a Vauxhall in the UK is an Opel in some parts of Continental Europe. So make sure you have all of the alternative names and models listed for the countries that you could potentially be selling too. Also have the shipping details for all of these locations, especially if you are going to increase your shipping costs for international deliveries

Use common characteristics. If you are selling a car, input the mileage, the engine size, number of doors, age etc. These are common factors that people use to filter out their search results so make sure you provide all of them so that your product can be found.

Provide succinct detail. Provide as much detail as possible but do it in a short and easy to read way. Use bullet points and highlight key benefits. Sometimes people write “salesy” descriptions and really try to push their lots but people just really want the facts clearly in front of them. Put as many benefits in as possible but make them clear to read.

Whether you are selling a used truck or a new TV, following these tips will make sure you have no problem finding a buyer for your item.

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