AutoCheck reports provide used car buyers with good information about the cars that they are most interested in buying. A consumer can use the AutoCheck accident report to learn about any prior accidents or massive repairs that have been performed on a certain car.

Related to Car Auction Markets

AutoCheck is a good service to choose because it has an extensive connection to car auction markets. That means that AutoCheck is able to provide a more accurate history for any used car that was bought or sold through an auction. Since most car dealers do the majority of their shopping at car auctions, this connection gives AutoCheck a slight edge when compared to other accident reporting services.

Easier to Read

The reports that are provided through AutoCheck are much easier to read than reports from other accident history services. The report includes a score for each vehicle that shows the reliability of any given car compared to the scores of other similar cars.

This simple scoring method makes it easy for a customer to choose whether to proceed with a more extensive mechanic inspection or continue shopping. It is possible to purchase more detailed car history reports from other services, but they are more complicated and difficult to decipher. AutoCheck is very consumer oriented and makes it much easier to see how a car compares to other cars at a glance.

Good Emissions Reports

One of the most useful aspects of an AutoCheck car history report is the emissions report. Emissions reports are generally very accurate. They offer an excellent opportunity for a used car customer to tell right away if there is anything strange about the car they are being offered.

Disparities between the AutoCheck report and the car’s stated emissions report are easy to recognize. If you see anything unusual between the two, it is a good idea to pass on the current vehicle and keep shopping. Emissions reports are an excellent indication of the mileage that a car should display on the odometer.

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