Car Cleaning Myths You Want to Avoid

Washing your car doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Wrong! When washing your vehicle you should take the utmost precaution in your investment. There are many myths that surround car washing. Read the most popular three below and make sure you aren’t falling victims to car washing practices that can actually bring down the value of your prized possession.

Myth: It is okay to use dish washing detergent to wash your car

This is perhaps one of the biggest myths that exist. Washing your vehicle with dish washing detergent can actually dull its finish. It is best to wash your car with specialty cleaning products that are formulated specifically for cleaning and protecting the finish of your car. If you continue to use dish washing detergents to wash the paintwork, you can expect to need a paint job in the very near future.

Myth: Only a detailing shop can get your car clean

Don’t fall for this myth. With the right cleaning products, you can clean your vehicle just as good as the auto detail shop down the road. Detailing the car by yourself can save you tons of money. Purchase high quality specialist car cleaning products and get busy cleaning it yourself.

Myth: You can dry your car with any material

This myth can cause a lot of damage to your car. Choosing to dry your car with just any rag can cause small scratches to appear on your paint. Be sure that you are using a scratch free material that is recommended for the drying of car. The place where you purchase your specialty cleaning products for your car should have a selection of drying rags to choose from. Don’t fall victim to infomercials that offer drying rags that promise to dry your car in seconds. Make sure the material that you choose has positive reviews.

Above are a few myths that you want to avoid when washing and cleaning your car. Don’t fall victim to these myths. Doing so can put the value of your car at risk. Avoid using dish washing detergents as the soap of choice for your car cleaning needs. Realize that you can detail you own car with specialty car cleaning supplies designed for that purchase. Be sure to choose material that is designed for drying your car to complete your wash. Use the list above and keep it in mind when you are next cleaning your car.

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