A few years ago around the holidays, a woman was shopping at a mall in the evening after work. So that she may remain anonymous, we will call her Kathy. Trying to fit holiday shopping into a busy work schedule can be difficult, and to take advantage of this opportunity, Kathy decided to push through and finish all of her shopping in this one evening. Despite the crowd inside the mall when she first arrived after work, the crowd soon thinned out after the dinner hours passed and people started to head home for the evening.

Shorter Lines, Faster Shopping

Stopping only for a very quick bite of dinner herself, Kathy was moving well from store to store, marking items off her shopping list. The lines in most stores were short and since she knew everything she intended to purchase ahead of time, Kathy was sure she was setting some kind of holiday shopping record. Sweaters, ties, even stocking stuffers filled her shopping bags to the point that she could not handle any more bags and decided to take the items that she had purchased to the car.

Window Tint is more than Just Privacy

As with most malls, the shops were not open too late during the week although they did remain open until after dark. Kathy lugged the bags out to the parking lot, which was relatively well lit, but extremely cold at this time of the year. As she stuffed the last few bags in the trunk of her car, her fingers felt like icicles, and she jumped in the front seat of her car to warm up for a minute before heading back into the mall to buy the few remaining things on her list.

Kathy’s cell phone chirped, and she noticed that she had several unread text messages and began to sort through them. Suddenly, Kathy was startled by a loud smashing of glass that sounded at first like it happened right there in the car with her. She immediately looked up and saw that a young man wearing a hooded sweatshirt had smashed the window of the car right next to her. More frightening than that, Kathy could see that he had a small handgun tucked in the front of his jeans.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Kathy sat there frozen for a moment until she realized that the man had no idea that she was even sitting there because he could not see inside the tinted windows of her vehicle. Upon making this realization, Kathy quietly dialed 911 from her cell phone and both the police and mall security were able to catch the criminal before he was able to escape the mall property.

So in addition to protecting Kathy and the interior of her car from the sun’s UV rays, tinted windows may have saved Kathy’s life that night.

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