Classic Car Transport Problems Driving You Buggy?

Have you found, at last, a little beauty of a Beetle online, and now have to figure out how to get it to your house? It can get sticky – who could afford to pay a driver for a one way trip and then the airfare to get back home?   Don’t let these temporary auto shipping problems get you down. 

Transporting your newly found Bug, or any other classic or antique vehicle, could drive you crazy. There can be a thousand and one details to look after, let alone the fact that you might worry about how and when and in what condition it could arrive at your home. What if the transporting driver decides to take a day trip to a lake and that delays the arrival even more? And what if you didn’t know there were both covered and uncovered transports available and you chose uncovered and your Bug got into a blizzard and was beat up?

Trying to find a reputable dealer, and one with a good price that won’t break your bank account, can be both time consuming and also mind numbing. You know how, if you are searching for something online and you get back that line “over a thousand results shown” regarding your search, your mind can shut down and you only look at a few pages? Looking for a good American auto shipping company to transport your vehicle from the East Coast to the West Coast (and points in between) needn’t be that kind of a scenario. Get a good shipping company to zap you ten quotes (and within an hour) right into your inbox.

You can grab a cup of tea, put your cat on your lap, and sit back to look through them. See which ones suit you. Who does the route you are looking for the most (i.e. who is most experienced in that neck of the woods?) Who has references that you can read through. Whose website looks impressive (as the website goes these days, the company may follow). Who is the most pleasant if you call them up and confirm a few details? It is not necessary to spend your valuable time searching around for the best. Let someone else do the work for you, than all you have to do is make an informed decision and book the transport. 

Getting that classic vehicle into your garage in at least as good a shape as when it left, is important. You may need to do restoration on the vehicle and every dollar counts. The sooner it arrives at your house, the sooner you can enjoy it, and look forward to all of the car shows and country driving you’ll be able to do.