How Do I Detect an Exhaust Leak?

Detecting an exhaust leak, helps you save sold parts and services that you usually avail of in a shop. In case you are up to diagnosing, the leak yourself, you will have to know which parts are to be repaired or replaced. About 20 minutes is the required time needed to ensure that your exhaust is in leak or not.

Step 1

The front of the vehicle is to raised to as high as possible. Next, place two jack stands underneath the front arms suspension supporting the front end of the air.

Step 2

Next, step into the car and start the vehicle.

Step 3

Get underneath the vehicle at the front. Gets a friend to plug-in the tailpipe of the vehicle using a balled up rag or towel. A sputtering or hissing noise will be heard next. The location to your exhaust leak is just where you have the hissing noise coming from.

Step 4

To know exactly what are the parts to be replaced or repaired, mark the location of the leak down.

Instruction 1

Keep the car cool, while you look for the leak. Metal expansions can close up small leaks.

Instruction 2

Cover the tailpipe (Ask someone to do that), forcing the exhaust through leaks. Feel for your leaks by running your hand through the system, but do not touch it, if you do not want to burn your hand.

Instruction 3

Try to listen for the noise of the rush of the escaping exhaust. Replace the solid probe portion by tubing to hear and maneuver better.

Instruction 4

INSPECT the exhaust pipe over the rear axle, for this is the most common area of leaks. bent or exposed pipes are the places to look for leaks usually.

Instruction 5

Your search must start at the engine and end at the tail pipe. All connectors along the way must be checked thoroughly.

Instruction 6

The exhaust manifold is to be checked for cracks. This might be in need of removing some of the engine and exhaust parts.

Instruction 7

Check the gaskets. The gaskets are usually the most common areas where you can find a leak. The gasket connecting the manifold to the cylinder head can also be the reason of a crack.

Instruction 8

Feel the rusty areas to see whether the rusty areas have penetrated through, if it has this can be the reason to a crack.

Following these steps you can find the source of your exhaust leak within hours all by yourself.

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