All You Need to Know About Electric Car Batteries


The electric car is basically a machine that operates on batteries. Instead of the conventional gasoline engine, you have components powered by electrical energy. The car moves by the power supplied by this electric energy.

The single most important component in the electric car is the battery. It provides the motive force aside the powering of electrical components like the the wiper, headlamps and horn.

We take a look at the battery system of the electric car which looks and works in a much different way from that of conventional vehicles.

First, there are several types of electric car batteries. We have the AC brushless which provides high speed but has the limitation of poor acceleration. Next comes the AC induction which also gives high speed and high acceleration but is the most expensive to buy. Many electric cars use the economical version of batteries called the Permanent magnet which provides average performance.

Since the batteries are the nerve centers of the electric car and without them the car cannot move, utmost care should be taken to get them in good condition all the time. One way to achieve that is to use a super charge with multiple charge phases. This type of charger will guarantee the restoration of power to the batteries that are arranged in series. Again they will also erase the sulphate that build on the surface of the batteries.

Again, do not operate the car when the batteries are at 40% performance. They will wear the cells down and render them weak.

Check the water level in the cells and also clean the terminal periodically.

The electric car battery system is another technological wonder that brings new inventions to the automobile industry.

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