An electric car kit is a kit that either turns a normal car into an electric car, or more typically turns it into a hybrid car. The reason why these types of cars are popular is because they are fuel efficient, reduce pollution and reduce gas expenses.

Some people have a misconception about these conversion kits – they believe that they will reduce your car’s performance. In fact, they do not effect your car’s performance because they only convert energy that would have been wasted into electricity. This is then stored for use later. So, in effect, these cars are recycling waste energy, not draining energy out of the engine.

However, one thing is clear – it can be very expensive to convert a gas powered car into a hybrid electric car, due to all the additional components that must be fitted with an electric car kit. For instance, you would need to install a secondary, electric engine into the car, alongside the gas powered engine.

A better option to the electric car kit is to try a hydrogen conversion kit. This is a modification that converts the waste energy into a chemical fuel, which is then burned together with the gasoline. This works on the same principle of using the waste energy of the car to produce more useful power, but it does not require a secondary engine to use this power. The excess electricity is instead used to separate water into flammable gases, which are immediately injected into the fuel mixture of the car, releasing more energy that the engine can use.

The conversion is very easy to do – you don’t even need to buy a conversion kit. You can make the hydrogen gas converter yourself, using cheap and easy to buy components, and installing into your engine is easy. The converter is made from cheap components that you can acquire without any. And, unlike an electric car kit, if you find that it doesn’t work for you (thousands have found that it does) you can easily remove it and revert your car to its original state.

There is a simple step by step guide that you can follow. Click on the link below to find out more.

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