How to Choose the Right Dual-Screen DVD Player

With makes and models starting from as little as eighty pounds, the variety of dual-screen portable DVD players is overwhelming and choosing the right one could sound like an impossible task. On the other hand, spending more does not necessarily guarantee better quality and superb picture. The dual screen players are almost a necessity today, especially if you have kids and if you want them to behave during your long trip to your favorite holiday destination. With two separate screens, each mounted on the headrest of a front seat, various functions, and ease of use, the dual-screen units offer great entertainment for the backseat passengers. Of course, many of them come with AC adapters or could be battery powered, which allows them to be used while camping or hook them to the large plasma screen at home.

When choosing a dual screen DVD player, start with the size of the screen – larger is always better unless you drive a very small city car. The more supported file formats also give you greater flexibility – units, which can play back DivX and MP3 files are ideal since you will have to carry fewer disks with you, while if you want to be able to view images, then choose a player that works with JPEG files. If your kids are very young and could not work all the functions on their own, then it is best to select a make, which comes with a remote control. Among the other features that you should consider is the battery life – the longer your battery lasts, the better off you are and at times, purchasing batteries, different from the ones that the player is shipped with, will give you longer performance.

If you have a teenager and a five-year old in the backseat, then you would probably want a dual-screen player with two independent units since this would allow each kid to watch whatever they choose. Other options such as anti-skip and resume functions, wide screen format support, cables, accessories, and the availability of earphone jacks could make a difference as well. You might also want a player, which is well built and could withstand a bit of use and abuse, and you would want fewer cables in your car as well. Remote control and wireless headphones, larger screens, superb picture and audio quality, and ease of use are what the top of the range models offer, and as long as you can afford them, there is no reason why you should not buy the best.