The Minimalist Handsfree Kit For Your Car: Novero’s The Talky One

Communicate without fuss, with the Novero Talky One, a handsfree speaker phone that can be clipped onto your car’s sun visor or dashboard for ease of access. Say goodbye to that annoying Bluetooth headset and hear clearly, with the Talky One.

Compact at a mere 3.3 ounces, this lightweight Bluetooth handsfree speaker phone is compatible with a vast variety of phones that support Bluetooth. It also has an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile as well as a Phonebook Access Profile, allowing for phone book access and high quality speaker phone sound. Moreover, it utilizes the latest noise and echo reduction technology, enabling you to hear clearly and be free of echoes. The Talky One can operate up to a 33 feet range, and with 15 hours of talk time, this handsfree can be used for as long as you want quite a distance away from your mobile.

The Novero Talky One is probably one of the most stylish handsfree set yet, due to its clean white minimalist look with a modern wire mesh border design. It has one large creamy button on the middle, which is the only controller. This minimalist design is perfect for those of us who don’t want to fuss about with buttons as we drive along, allowing us to focus on the road, rather than what button we need to press. Its simple design means you control the speakerphone by pressing the centre of the button, or the left, or right, rather than pressing several.

In terms of what you can do with this car audio gadget, you can answer the phone (it will tell you who is calling), make calls, access your phonebook via voice instructions and use it as a stereo in your car for your smart or iPhone. It can also have up to phones connected, enabling Mr and Mrs to hook up their phones at the same time. It is also possesses a useful function that switched off the device ten minutes after you have unhooked your phones, saving you energy.

The Novero Talky One is a good looking gadget that is easy to use and effectively harnesses the latest technology, making it one of the most useful car audio gadgets for the busy person.

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