Top Reasons for Upgrading to a DAB Car Radio

In this article I will be covering some of the advantages of using a DAB car radio in comparison to its predecessor, the FM/AM radio. DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, and just like pretty much everything else in this world, it is something we will most likely all be upgrading to in the next few years.

The thing about dab car radios is that they are already available, so this means you can buy one and get it fitted whenever you want as there are thousands of dab radio stations already broadcasting digital radio signals and this includes all of the top stations you can think of such as BBC Radio, Heart, Kerrang and many more.

To help you decide whether it’s worth upgrading to a dab car radio, I shall present you with the differences between DAB radio and analogue. With analogue radios you can quite often hear a fuzzy or crackling sound, whereas dab radios do not suffer with this problem.

Ofcom has officially stated that they consider dab radios to be of “at least equal or greater quality” compared to FM/AM radios, which by itself is a reason to want to upgrade. You can typically receive more stations in one place as well compared to analogue, and it is quite known for a dab to pick up to 40 stations at one time when driving in the city. For those who do not wish to upgrade to dab and be unable to receive FM/AM broadcasts, it is possible now to buy a solution such as the pure highway in car dab, which is able to receive a digital signal, and emit a small proximity FM frequency signal which can be picked up by your already existing FM radio.