Motorcycle Indicators and the Benefits of Having Spares

Motorcycle indicators are one of the most fragile items on a motorcycle but they are one of the easiest parts to replace or change. As they tend to stick out a bit they do tend to catch cars and walls when maneuvering tight gaps and traffic. This can lead to scratches, dents and in most cases brakes. Motorcycle indicators are required by law and if a motorcyclist rides without them then they may find themselves in trouble with the law and all of a sudden not replacing those motorcycle indicators can get a lot more expensive. The price of an indicator set varies but you can usually fins a nice pair for as little as £20 and spend about 10 minutes to fit them. 

Another thing to take into consideration is the weather conditions. This can dramatically affect both performance and durability of your indicators and it might be worth spending 10 minutes before going on a ride to change your indicators in correspondence to the weather. If it is heavy rain and you are using some slim and sleek indicators that are built for style and lightweight then other motorists may struggle to see your indicator and in heavy rain at riding at a fast speed may cause damage as they are not built for those conditions. When taking weather conditions, styles, and spares into consideration it might be worth having 3-5 different pairs of indicators but the most important thing to remember is by law you do need a fully functioning pair. 

When it comes to style there are hundreds of different models, sizes and colours to choose from and this is a brilliant way to change the look of your motorcycle for what ever reason you may need. If you are going to a motorcycle show you might like a nice and unique indicator set or if you are going to a racing club, changing the indicators for a carbon fibre lightweight pair may be more suitable. I would personally suggest having a couple of pairs just to change your motorcycle’s style to keep the motorcycle feeling unique and new.  

The law is very strict when it comes to indicators so please do be careful when choosing a new pair. By law no indicator set should only flash on one side of the motorcycle and both indicators should flash. When you take your motorcycle in for an MOT they will do several testes to ensure your motorcycle indicators are legal and work fully. The first test is to leave your indicators flashing for 60 seconds. In this test they are looking to see how many times the indicator flashes and to pass this test it should flash between 60 and 120 times per minute. This also tests the indicators colour and if it is easily visible so other motorists are aware of you. Another test they will do is ensure all lamps are present and secure, the main aim of this test is to make sure they wont come flying off your motorcycle at high speeds.  

With thousands of different makes and models of indicator sets it can be difficult to decided which are road legal and which indicator sets would best suit you. I have purchased many different motorcycle indicator sets in the past from many different stores both online and retail. If i was to suggest a motorcycle indicators shop where the indicators are of the highest quality without breaking the bank i would suggest motorcycle indicators. You can find a wide range of  indicator  sets on their website but please make sure you know how to change them and test the indicators a few times before going out on a ride as if  your indicators aren’t fitted to the law’s requirements then you could be in big trouble. 

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