Signs That Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with the sound of your engine, or the way your car’s driving, or the fact that the check engine light keeps coming on, you should probably take your car into a trusted mechanic as soon as you can, even if you have to rearrange your schedule. It’s a whole lot better to catch car problems, especially transmission repair, before it gets really bad!

These are some of the most common signs of transmission problems that mechanics have observed over the years. As a side note though, some of these symptoms indicate engine problems not related to the transmission.

Fluid leading from the engine – If you consistently notice a puddle of pinkish oil under your car every morning, it’s definitely time to see a transmission repair specialist. The transmission fluid keeps everything running smoothly, much like the oil essential your car’s engine. Once the fluid is low, your transmission will quickly fail.

Burning smell from you engine – This burnt smell may signal leaking fluid from an overheated transmission that’s dripping onto the exhaust. Not only is the leaking bad, but the fact that it’s hitting the already hot exhaust could cause an engine fire.

Your car’s check engine light is consistently turned on – With computer technology today, parts of the transmission are monitored by computer. When potential problems trigger the check engine light to turn on, it’s time for a tune up and possibly transmission repair.

Shaking as your car gains speed – If you notice shaking or bucking when you enter the highway or interstate, you may have either a transmission or an engine problem. Either way, it’s best to have both the engine and the transmission checked out by a mechanic.

Delayed shift into drive or reverse – Shifting delays can be caused by low fluid, loose bands, a malfunctioning internal seal, or a host of other problems. Since you can’t be sure of the issue until after the car’s had a checkup, get it into a transmission repair mechanic right away!

Power isn’t getting to the wheels – When your engine is revving but the wheels are slow to respond, you’re experiencing transmission slipping. Once again, a number of various transmission issues may be causing the problem but one thing’s certain, it needs to be looked at right away!

Shifting is harsh and not to the gear you chose – If your vehicle is hard to shift or starts in the wrong gear, it’s probably saying there’s a big problem. The computer which monitor’s the transmission is kicking in to let you know that a mechanic needs to work on your vehicle right away, and it’s trying to protect the transmission from further damage by keeping it in a “safer” gear as you drive your car to the shop.

If you find that your car is experiencing any of the problems listed above, you should visit a transmission repair specialist as soon as possible. Unfortunately cars don’t heal themselves, rather the problems get worse and worse as you continue to drive.

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