While a person works under the car, or any automobile for that matter, the most important thing is the safety- of the man and the automobile, equally. Considering this need for safety, there are a number of repair tools designed and are easily available in the market. Still it becomes a source of great bewilderment to know that people fall prey to accidents and injuries while working under the cars. The reason most of the times, is the wrong use of the tools or no use at all. One such instance which I would like to talk about is the top jack stands.

People and specially the mechanics say that they are very cumbersome to work with. The hydraulic stands are most of the times sought as a refuge. The hydraulic stands do help and work as a replacement of the top jack stands, but the susceptibility to accidents is not reduced. There are many cases when the auto mobile slips of the stands and thuds on the ground. In cases like this not only the person who works under it gets hurt, but also the automobile gets hurt due to the fall. If in a situation like this, the jack stand is used along with the hydraulics, then the sudden fall can certainly be averted.

The car would not fall on the ground even if it slips off the jack. This is case when the people are not at all inclined to work with the top jack stands. Then there are cases where only partial use is seen. This ‘partial’ use is all the more scary. Most of the people think that is great achievement to balance the whole automobile on just one jack placed in the centre of the car. This is very scary situation, as they are not designed for that use. There are huge chances that the jack would slide off, or there would be am imbalance with a little jerk to the automobile. The best way of using the car jacks is to place one at each place and secure the whole automobile on it well. Once satisfied with the position of the car, you can take your positions for work. Safety at workplace is very important!