Hiring the Camper Vans

The Camper vans and motor homes terms are generally used interchangeably. Many manufacturing companies do not differentiate between the two. Both these definitions refer to vehicles, which have built-in accommodation and transport facilities. Both of these vehicles are favored by the people, who want to travel to their holiday destination on road. These people are not interested in tying themselves to a particular hotel rather they want to go to the destination as far as their vehicle can take. There are many versions of these vehicles available. Some are for basic users with the fundamental facilities, while others are having luxurious facilities. Some of these luxurious facilities are handmade with over 18 years spent in making them.

Generally accepted definitions of the Motor Home and Camper vans observe subtle differences between the two. Few basic differences lie in the size, and the physical difference between the cab and the living quarters. In case of motor homes, the size is bigger and the cab and living quarters are physically separated. The living quarters contain the kitchen, bathroom and the sleeping space. While, these vans are smaller in size and the merged cabs with living quarters. The cooking, sleeping and washing facilities are of basic nature in these vans. These vans are available for purchase as well as people can go for renting them. The diehard fans of camper vans can also purchase the hand-made luxurious options, which can cost as high as £ 33,995.

The recent surge in the interest of customers to purchase camper vans has been attributed to the last budget by British Government. The government proposed a hike in the VAT for all products and hence the cost of these vans are expected to go high. Before, the budget is implemented; the vans manufacturers have come up with different attractive schemes to influence the different segments of the buyers. The options are available from basic to the luxury ones. The manufactures are setting up auto shows to generate the curiosity of the consumers who were so far not aware of such concept. All this resulted in the positive impact on the sales numbers of camper vans, motor homes and caravan vans.

Amongst many manufacturers of camper vans, few of them produce these vehicles through manual operation. No machine like production lines are used to produce these vehicles. Instead, these manufacturers produce these vehicles using an array of bays, teams and the individual facilities to create the class motor homes preferred by the people, who like to use customized products. Another feature of such manufacturers is that they provide those features, which a customer has asked for. Thus, they have a catalogue of facilities, which can be ticked in case the buyer wants them to be installed it. In case of a shoestring budget, less number of facilities can be ordered resulting in the reduction in the cost of the customized camper vans. The traditional construction method of these camper vans ensure the quality of the product and revive the era of sepia.