The Essential RV Lifestyle

Back in the old days, an old rickety cart pulled by a donkey was probably the first ever “mobile” home -pun intended! In the USA the 1920s saw the beginnings of the modern Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. The first models were trailer coaches or travel trailers hitched to another vehicle. In the 1950s mobile home manufacturers started to design and manufacture self-contained mobile homes or motorhomes. Thus in no time at all the modern RV came to be.

In the mid 20th century RVs were used mostly for a vacation trip. Camping and RV camping are two of the most popular vacation activities by the average American family back then. Camping and RV camping entailed roughing it up for campsites were not really too friendly and RV campsites were virtually nonexistent. Not today though. Campsites, in general and RV campgrounds in particular have come a long way. It is now possible to “live” indefinitely in an RV. As a matter of fact there are now a growing number of people who choose to live in an RV.

The essential RV lifestyle is evident for those who are keen in camping and traveling. For this group, the excitement of an RV lifestyle became more favorable than staying put in one location. How stimulating would it be to wake up to a new sunrise every morning?

Who are these lucky ones who have opted to enjoy an RV lifestyle? Those who prefer to live in their RV motorhomes are called fulltimers. These fulltimers are a mixed-lot. There are retirees who prefer to migrate to Asia and be called “expats” but there are also retirees who prefer to see good ol’ USA in their RVs.

Another group of RVers are individuals or families who for one reason or another decided to drop-out from what is norm and chose to lead an exciting and unconventional RV lifestyle. This group of RVers is not retirees but are working people who are fortunate enough to see the world and keep their jobs through connectivity technology available from the RV – broadband and mobile phone. Another subculture of RVers is those who live in RV parks because of their job at the campsite. Of course there are the occasional RV vacationers who are out for a few weeks of fun and relaxation in their RVs.

For the occasional RVer, camping out in an RV campsite may seem ideal but for those seasoned RV vacationer, boondocking is preferable. One is afforded a greater choice of a more into-nature-location, more privacy and a sense of a great adventure.

An RV lifestyle, albeit temporary for vacationers, gives one a time to relax and get away from the grinds of daily life. Of course there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and taking a relaxing shower in your modern bathroom but hey! Traveling in an RV is akin to taking the comforts of your home with you. An

RV lifestyle is fun, enjoyable and exciting.

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