The Nissan Patrol – Tough As Nails

Tough, rugged and powerful, those are 3 words that come to mind when thinking about the all new Nissan Patrol. In fact, the Nissan Patrol goes far beyond the ordinary with its high-performance 4.8 litre petrol and 3.0 litre turbo-diesel models. It is able to climb a 39ยบ gradient and wade through 700mm of water with ease and the Patrol’s all-steel body is built on a strong ladder frame chassis and uses a highly articulated suspension and flexible four-wheel drive system to ensure that it is a complete pleasure to drive both on and off the road.

Tomorrows 4×4 Today

The latest Nissan Patrol is a top of the range 4×4 that uses some of Nissan’s most advanced off-road and safety features. The multi-link suspension and heavy-duty coil springs smooth out the bumps and boulders for superb durability and ride comfort. Further driving confidence is gained through the telescopic front and rear shock absorbers and stabilizer bars which also allow for improved cornering in all driving situations. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) also automatically senses and adjusts itself to break suddenly on whatever the surface. All of these factors add up to create one of the safest, most reliable 4×4’s by far.

Looks and Styling

There is a more opulent side to the Nissan Patrol with leather trim seats that provide the ultimate comfort when driving; brushed aluminium dial surrounds that tantalize the eye and a classic wood grain effect that sooths the soul. Passenger facing surfaces in the cabin incorporate soft-feel material, further enhancing the luxury of the cabin.

Front and rear climate control, 6-cd audio system, cruise control and a sunroof finish things off and provide a vehicle interior that promises to not only transport people in the lap of luxury, but also to get them there with the least amount of effort.

The Way Forward

Nissan’s philosophy of continually improving their cars is plain to see and there is ample evidence that the surveys of current Nissan owners about any improvements they would like have been listened to. The Patrol has literally been built as a drivers 4×4 and offers a good mix of power and pleasure. Add to this a tough testing program in which every individual component gets tested to a point of destruction, any Nissan owner can be assured of having a product which is renowned for its excellent standards of build quality and attention to detail and the Nissan Patrol is no different.