What Makes a Luxury Car Truly Luxurious?

As items that formerly made a car or 4WD luxurious begin to filter down to cheaper models, luxury car manufacturers have to continually up their game. This means more extravagant features, more complicated technology, and more comfort. The frontier of the features that put the luxury in luxury car is one of the fastest-evolving terrains in today’s consumer landscape. Here are some key features that make today’s luxury cars truly luxurious.

Automatic Climate Control:

But even the highest-tech single-zone climate control systems are often not good enough for the luxury landscape of today. Many cutting-edge luxury vehicles are now offering dual-zone climate control systems that can provide temperatures differing as much as ten degrees for the driver and the front passenger.

Steering Wheel Controls:

The cruise and audio system controls are often built directly into the steering wheel in many of today’s luxury cars. This allows drivers to keep their full focus on the task of driving while making adjustments to their audio or cruise controls.


Moonroofs are sunroofs that feature not just a metal panel but a glass panel that can allow sunshine or moonlight into the car, compact SUV, or four wheel drive even when the roof is closed as well as a fabric-covered panel that can regulate the degree of light let into the car. The glass panels featured in moonroofs are usually tinted and can usually be tilted to regulate airflow.

Luxury Upholstery:

Although genuine leather may cost extra even in a luxury car, the upholstery will usually be made from at least a leather substitute or another form of expensive, comfortable fabric. You can expect the seating in a luxury vehicle to be more comfortable than the seating in a regular vehicle.

Adjustable Driver’s Seat:

The driver’s seat in a luxury car can usually be adjusted in a minimum of six directions with only the slightest effort. Cushion height can be regulated, fore and aft travel can be adjusted, and the angle of recline can be set to within a fraction of an inch.

Adaptive Cruise Control:

This feature uses a laser or a radar system to adapt the cruise control speed to the speed of the vehicles surrounding the car when necessary. Light braking is automatic and the driver will receive an alert if a nearby vehicle begins to brake hard.

Heated Steering Wheel:

The joy of keeping your hands and fingers warm while driving alone is practically worth the extra zeroes on the price tag.

Intelligent Remote Entry:

This feature automatically sends a signal from your key to your car, compact SUV, or four wheel drive to allow you in without pressing any buttons. This eliminates the extra step of searching for your keys while holding a screaming child in your arms. Intelligent remote entry systems usually also come with push-button ignitions.

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