A Guide to Front Styling for Your 4×4

When it comes to your 4×4 vehicle or truck it is important to know what accessories you can buy to protect and enhance its appearance. Below is a simple guide to the front styling accessories that are available for most 4×4 vehicles.

Bonnet Guards – Used to provide protection for the front of your 4×4. They can also help to avoid chips on your paintwork from stray stones.

Front Bars – Also known as A Bars, they help to protect the front of your vehicle from bumps and they can also help to increase safety for pedestrians if there is an accident.

Front Bumpers – Help prevent damage to the front of your 4×4 when you get to close to a curb while parking. You will never have to worry about scraping the underside of your bumper again!

Front Grille – Acts as a cover for the open area at the front of your vehicle which is required to allow air to flow into the radiator and engine section.

Front Light Guards – Used to protect the lights at the front of your 4×4 vehicle, light protectors stops your lights getting smashed or cracked if you bump into another vehicle or another car reverses into you.

Headlamp Protectors – The perfect answer for avoiding headlight damage. Usually made from high impact resistant acrylic, headlight protectors are a cheap way of preventing damage to the expensive light clusters at the front of your vehicle.

Fog Lamp Mouldings – Used to accessorise front fog lights, usually finished in high quality chrome.

Skid Plates – Also known as sump guards, skid plates are attached to the underside of your 4×4 vehicle to stop damage to key components such as the Engine Bay, Transmission Case, Transfer Box Skid Plates and Fuel Tank. Skid plates are an essential purchase for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from expensive repairs.

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