The Latest Foldng Tonneau Cover

The latest folding tonneau cover on the market is the Encore Tonneau by Extang. This folding cover has a unique design that will bring to the top of the best sellers list very quickly. What makes it different from other folding truck bed covers is the fact that you can open it from the front near the cab as well as the back near the tailgate.

It is a tri-fold cover that you need to open the tailgate to release the latches to open the cover which is great for securing your cargo. If you add an aftermarket tailgate lock you will increase your security advantage a great deal. This latest folding tonneau cover has a rotary latch that locks up front to keep everything where it belongs and not in the hands of people who like to take things that don’t belong to them.

If you haul smaller items that may roll around on you, purchase a cargo management system which can be anything from a simple net or a cargo bar strategically positioned to most benefit your needs. With one of these items you can separate your cargo you want easy access to from the front and the back. Your life just got easier with the latest folding tonneau cover which opens both front and rear.

This folding pickup bed cover also comes off easily in mere seconds to give you the option of accessing your complete cargo area in case you need to haul larger cargo. It is so easy to take off and put back on again you will be glad you have chosen this cover. The cover has a self-alignment feature which makes it so easy to put back on. Let us face the fact that some time while you have a hard tonneau cover on your pickup truck you are going to want to haul something big and that is when this particular cover will outshine other covers.

Many pickup truck owners love the advantages of owning a hard folding tonneau cover. The quickness and ease of getting access to the truck bed when they need it is the main reason. Soft folding truck bed covers are great and are less expensive but they just do not have that added security factor of the hard folding cover. Protecting your cargo so that you do not have to stand over your truck is very important. Eliminating the fear of leaving your truck full of tools while you get a bite to eat is reason enough for owning a hard tonneau.

Whether you are toting groceries, Christmas shopping, hauling around your sports gear or storing frequently used tools, you will find a hard truck bed cover a great asset. Now it even got better by separating some of those items with a cover such as the Extang Encore. You can always get a soft folding cover if you are looking for something a little less expensive and there are some good models out there but if you have a few extra bucks to spend you should think about the latest folding tonneau cover.

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