Reaping The Benefits Of Having A New Vehicle Through Van Leasing

Three men walk into a bar: a Japanese, an American and a Frenchman…

Choosing the right van to lease and add to your business’s fleet is no joking matter. As such, careful consideration is necessary so that you can get the most value for your money. For this endeavour, there are three brands that you should consider: the Japanese brand Nissan, the American brand Ford, and French manufacturer Citroen. Van leasing can be rewarding for you and your business if you take the time to research and study your options.

The Nissan Primastar has figured prominently among businesses that have opted for van leasing. This jack of all trades is versatile and can be used to service the needs of various businesses across a wide range of industries. This line of vans offers owners various options that can be tailored to their individual needs whilst boasting of a large storage space and several benefits to the driver and his passengers including comfort, visibility and good driving position. For these reasons, many businesses are on the lookout for Nissan Van leasing deals.

The Ford Transit has been a staple for British businesses, with the love affair starting as early as 1965 when the first of these vans started rolling out of Ford’s plant in Langley. Dependability and economical features are some of the distinct advantages of a Ford. Van leasing is all about these and the Ford Transit adequately delivers both.

The Citroen Berlingo is one of the most popular vans in the United Kingdom – so popular that most van leasing firms ensure that they have adequate stock of the vehicle to meet the high demand. The French van boasts of sheer power and can haul goods as heavy as two tonnes. It doesn’t hurt either that the van comes in more than 26 variations. This simply means that whatever business you are in, the Citroen Berlingo is up to any task. Van leasing offers businesses several benefits as compared to buying a new vehicle or purchasing a used one.

First, there is the number of models to choose from. Then, one can do away with the reality of depreciation that is usually associated with purchasing a new vehicle. Van leasing firms usually offer low monthly payment options as well as lower initial outlay which are particularly beneficial for businesses with a real need for a new vehicle to add to their fleet but do not currently have adequate finances. Also, when you find the need to upgrade your vehicle, you do not have to suffer the same hassles as selling your old vehicle as most leasing companies will gladly handle the job for you.

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