The Renault Trafic Sport

The Renault Trafic has been around for over ten years, with its first launch in 2000 and has a distinct futuristic look about it. Renault has, since this time, led the way in LCV manufacturing and the Trafic has contributed to Renault’s success, being the third best selling van in its class.

The Trafic is now in phase 3 and improves with every new phase. Some may not like the unique style of the Trafic- it certainly has a distinctive look and stands out against the rest. Some may say it’s futuristic style shapes the way for others in its group of panel vans. Whether you like the styling or not, you wont argue that it stands out, is radical, and has become a common look on the UK roads. Perhaps its uniqueness has ensured its success.

The sport model includes an array of extras. You would expect a delightful drive from a luxurious car designed for comfort, but what can be said for vans? Well, it’s true to say that the Trafic can be a very enjoyable drive despite its use as a commercial van.

There are many options for the seats with a full range of adjustments possible and the drivers seat is comfortable with plenty of visibility-this is quite something for a van as most times visibility can be a problem for a driver.

The mechanical side of the driving is also excellent, with a full 6 speed gearbox allowing excellent reactivity. Light steering is also beneficial, making the often large amount of driving which takes place in your van more enjoyable and parking more manageable and easier to ensure precision.

The engine is responsive with a 2 litre dci model available. It is a capable model, and responsive to the drivers needs, coupled with the sixth gear, it makes the drive a breeze and the driver may not even be aware that the van is working for them- you not expect to have such an ease of driving with a van and an economical one too- the sixth gear ensures diesel use is kept to a minimum- particularly on motorways.

The cab is well equipped and fairly luxurious albeit slightly on the small side, however it has everything you need from a van and is neatly fitted with good storage. In the rear, the space is vast for this type of van allowing for 8×4 planks of wood to fit with ease. The options for toolboxes is also good, with an option to purchase and additional sliding door to the side of the vehicle on a standard vehicle but it present on the sports model. the floors and walls can be kitted to suit most users needs.

the sports model comes with a metallic paint option, alloy wheels and colour coded bumpers, anti-drill locks and deadlocking for extra safety- a great extra when you think about the possessions you may be storing in your van on a regular basis. Another cool feature is the one touch electric drivers window. With a combined cycle of 40.9mpg this van takes some beating!

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